Hello, my name is Brandi and I’m a counselor in the Fairmont area. Welcome to my website. Many people wonder if counseling is the right option for them. I’ve organized my site in such a way as to help you make that decision. Also, asking yourself some simple questions can help you find that answer. Are you frequently stressed about your job? Have you experienced a recent divorce or loss? Do you feel like you’re constantly misunderstood by and fighting with your teen? Do you frequently feel overwhelmed with anxiety, guilt, or doubt? Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a serious illness?
Life can present us with a number of challenges and it can be very helpful at times to have a neutral, objective person to process those challenges with. As a counselor, I’m passionate about helping people in emotional pain or breaking out of unhealthy patterns. With integrity and compassion, I will provide you with support and feedback in a safe environment. I am so pleased that you’ve visited me here, but please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions or additional information. My office is located inside Manchin Clinic South, behind the Middletown Mall in Fairmont. Appointments are available Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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Manchin Clinic South
181 Middletown Circle
Fairmont, WV 26554 304.612.4322 (Located behind Middletown Mall)